Wood necklace

Wood series in which Mizuhiki is pasted one by one on a base that is manually molded and polished from a maple tree.

Wood necklace type necklace

It is composed of a balance of colored surfaces and natural stones and freshwater pearls, and the resonance of the colored surfaces brings out the appeal of the wearer.

Because it is lightweight, it does not burden your ears and you can feel comfortable wearing it.

Wood necklace (malti)


    Mizuhiki Kaede Resin Freshwater Pearl Natural Stone (Pink Chalcedony Quartz)

    14kfg chain


    15mm x 15mm

  • The surface of Mizuhiki is thinly coated with resin as a water resistant treatment, but please note that using it while bathing or swimming may cause damage.

    The base cypress part will change over time. Please understand.

    Repair of damage, dirt, etc. support please contact us.