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One-wheel insert made of Mizuhiki and wood (oak wood)

sage = wise, thoughtful,

The vivid and deep colors of Mizuhiki draw geometry

Gives a calm and accent to the space.

You can put water in the glass tube on the back to grow cut flowers.

It is a work that you can enjoy familiar wildflowers and the shape of Vase as it is.

If you are looking for a gift or a gift

Gift packing and personalization are also possible, so please contact us.

Vase Sage


    Mizuhiki oak resin glass cowhide brass

    SIZE 120 mm x 85 mm

  • For mizuhiki, a thin resin is applied to the surface as a water resistant finish.

    The wood part of the base is coated with water-repellent ceramic paint.

    Please contact us for repairs such as damage and dirt.

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