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One-wheel insert made of Mizuhiki and wood (oak wood)

Goshiki Five Colors

On the four color planes of Mizuhiki

By adding one element

Series with the concept of completing five colors

The five colors are derived from the ancient Chinese five-element theory,

In modern times, Tanabata and carp streamers

I am deeply involved in Japanese culture.

The number five is

In addition to the five colors, all things are arranged in five lines, such as the five directions that represent the direction, the five o'clock that represents the season, the five confucian virtues that represent the human virtues, and the five officials that represent the human sense organs.

You can put water in the glass tube on the back to grow cut flowers.

It is a work that you can enjoy familiar wildflowers and the shape of Vase as it is.

If you are looking for a gift or a gift

Gift packing and personalization are also possible, so please contact us.

Vase Goshiki Pot <Yellow>


    Mizuhiki oak resin glass cowhide brass

    SIZE 120 mm x 85 mm

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