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Owl mizuhiki

Mizuhiki Owl

An owl figurine made of mizuhiki and wood

From ancient times, in Japan, owls have been represented by the Ateji "Fukurai".
I have been familiar with it as a bird that carries good fortune without any difficulty.

In the West, it symbolizes wisdom,
Also known as the "Sage of the Forest".
Please decorate it at the entrance or in a comfortable space.

* We will send it in a wooden box (the shape of the wooden box has changed slightly)

* Red and white Mizuhiki will be attached for celebrations.

MATERIAL       Mizuhiki cypress resin

SIZE 1200 mm x 850 mm


The surface of Mizuhiki is thinly coated with resin as a water resistant finish, but the base cypress part will change over time. Please understand.

Please contact us for repairs such as damage and dirt.

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